Carey Reid is Honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award

World Education is proud to announce that at the annual Network Conference on Friday, May 12, 2016, the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education honored Carey Reid with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Carey was co-nominated by World Education’s SABES PD Coordination Center Director, Luanne Teller, and Lori D’Alleva, Director of Education at the Charlestown Adult Education Program.

With more than 40 years of experience as an ABE educator and professional developer, it’s impossible to count the number of adult educator and learners’ lives that Carey Reid has touched.  By definition, adult educators are one of the most caring groups of professionals, but Carey goes above and beyond, exemplifying each day what it means to lead by example and through service.  Highlights of Carey’s experience include:

  • 35 years as an ABE/ESOL teacher including at the Jamaica Plain Adult Learning Center where he also served as the director.
  • 20 years as a professional developer for SABES, where he coordinated the Curriculum and Assessment team, contributed to revisions of the ELA CF, and developed curriculum, assessment, ELA, and ESOL trainings.
  • 15 years of leadership in developing and supporting the MA ABE Teacher License since its inception. He earned one of the state’s first ABE Licenses, built the first SABES Licensure website, and implemented monthly face-to-face licensure cohorts.
  • Carey’s journey to STAR Certification began through work with NCSALL and the Adult Reading Comprehension Study (ARCS).  This research led to the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles (ASRP) findings which ultimately led to the development of STAR. In addition to being a MA STAR trainer, Carey is one of just 12 STAR trainers in the US to be invited to serve on the National Cadre of STAR Trainers.

Carey is never satisfied with the “status quo”.  Most recently, Carey:

  • Cultivated business partnerships which led to a WPE grant for Boston’s Seaport Hotel.
  • Began working with the Charlestown Adult Education program, teaching writing combined with computer skills needed for the workplace; connecting students to jobs; and helping to develop HiSET curriculum.

Here is one example of how Carey has dedicated himself to adult educators, one person at a time. One ABE license seeker had almost completed her portfolio when she learned that she needed to take a leave of absence for cancer treatments.  Carey arranged for this person’s travel costs and overnight stay at a hotel to be covered, and provided her with access to a computer at World Education to complete her portfolio.  It had been a longtime professional goal for this person to achieve her license, and we were delighted to learn that thanks to her diligence and Carey’s support, she earned her ABE License.  Shortly thereafter, she succumbed to her illness, but we were ever grateful to Carey for his persistence in seeking resources to help her complete her license requirements so she could fulfill her dream.

Carey is the definition of a team player.  Despite being nationally recognized for his expertise, we can always count on him to offer his help wherever it is needed, from substitute teaching in a program that lost its STAR teacher until they could replace him, to individually walking practitioners through their last steps to submit their license portfolios, to packing, loading, and unloading supplies for the College and Career Readiness Standards conference.

Carey exemplifies the true meaning of an adult educator.  Although he claims to have retired from teaching, he finds himself back in the classroom where he truly shines, at the Charlestown Adult Education Program.   He provides individualized instruction and has an unbelievable connection to each of his students.  He gets to know them on an academic level so that he can instruct them effectively, but more importantly, he gets to know them personally.  He makes each student feel special by taking the time to find out the goals and aspirations of each one and then assisting them in making connections to ensure that goals are met.  He is passionate, compassionate, devoted to, and extremely talented at what he does.

Many people don’t know that Carey published a novel, is a gifted photographer, and an avid recycler.  But everyone knows how funny, caring, dedicated, and brilliant Carey is.  When we say “funny,” we mean very, very funny as demonstrated in his acceptance comments.

We would like to thank MCAE for honoring Carey with this award.  From the audience response, it was evident that all agreed it is a privilege to work with Carey, and that he truly deserves to be recognized for his lifetime of contributions to the field of adult education.

Watch Carey’s acceptance speech on YouTube!

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Luanne Teller

Luanne Teller

Luanne Teller is the Director of the SABES Program Support PD Center. She coordinates PD in the areas of Program Management and Educational Leadership, Distance Education and Digital Literacy, LACES, and Professional Licensure Support. She also directs that MA Adult Literacy Hotline. Luanne has worked with adult learners in a variety of capacities for 30 years, having created and directed office skills training and job placement, ESOL, transitions to college, and workplace education programs. Luanne is a nationally-certified LINCS trainer in the areas of Program Management, Postsecondary Completion, and adult English Language Learners.