Kick Off of the EdTech Center

This month the EdTech Center launched at the NCTN Conference, backed by a panel of national experts speaking on Promising Models in the Use of Technology.  This was followed by a successful and well-attended webinar (497 registrants!) given by Dr. David Rosen on Blended Learning in the Adult Education Classroom. This was an outstanding start for something that had its genesis almost two decades ago.  

Eighteen years ago when I came to World Education to work on a U.S. Department of Education project called the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS), we trained teachers to integrate brand new technology as part of their instruction. That “new” technology was the Internet!  Although now that might seem basic, at the same time we were introducing teachers to truly innovative approaches for using technology by helping them create websites as a classroom project-based activity. Since then, we have continued to give professional development with “two feet on the ground”: one foot planted where teachers and learners have access and are comfortable with technology, and the other stepping forward to push the envelope with the investigation of cutting-edge technology and teaching methodologies.

During my time at World Education we have provided thousands of teachers with professional development to help them appropriately integrate technology into instruction, and we have been involved in many ground-breaking educational technology projects.  The EdTech Center brings together existing educational technology projects at World Education and amplifies their services through our partners. The EdTech Center supports educators and local partners in the integration of digital technologies into instruction and promotes digital literacy and access through mobile and online learning opportunities.

The goal of the EdTech Center will be to continue to meet the evolving education and training needs of under-educated adults and youth. As we look to the future, our aim is to do this through high-quality, innovative approaches for increasing local staff skills and program capacity.

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Steve Quann

Steve Quann

Steve Quann is the Director of the EdTech Center at World Education. With over 30 years of experience in the field of education, he now leads World Education E-Learning and various other educational technology projects. Steve has a M.Ed and a graduate certificate in instructional technology design. He has co-­authored two books on technology integration into instruction and facilitates workshops in the United States and internationally.