4 Big Ideas from the 2019 NCTN Conference

One question that drives our work is, “Can we make adult education accessible, affordable, and open doors to opportunities?” The answer comes in many forms from many different voices. After three days at the 2019 National College Transition Network Conference, one thing is clear: enabling adult learners with college and career readiness requires all hands … Continue reading 4 Big Ideas from the 2019 NCTN Conference

2017 Highlights from the IDEAL Consortium

By Jen Vanek, Director of the IDEAL Consoritum at World Education A key strategy to our EdTech Center’s work catalyzing an edtech movement in adult learning is the IDEAL Consortium, a Professional Development (PD) and technical assistance initiative comprised of state-level staff, PD leaders, and ed tech specialists from 11 member states. Through peer mentoring, … Continue reading 2017 Highlights from the IDEAL Consortium

Are you Digitally Literate?

If you have working knowledge of computers and how they work, can use all the programs within Micro Office and navigate the Web like a banshee, you still might not be considered digitally literate. Say what?

Digital literacy is not only about possessing computer skills. According to the Museum and Library Services Act of 2010, digital literacy comprises the skills associated with using technology to enable users to find, evaluate, organize, create, and communicate information. So as you can see, digital literacy or readiness goes beyond the mere physical realm of accessing and manipulating information. Read more…