4 Big Ideas from the 2019 NCTN Conference

One question that drives our work is, “Can we make adult education accessible, affordable, and open doors to opportunities?” The answer comes in many forms from many different voices. After three days at the 2019 National College Transition Network Conference, one thing is clear: enabling adult learners with college and career readiness requires all hands … Continue reading 4 Big Ideas from the 2019 NCTN Conference

Teaching Expertise Worth Striving For

By Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen is the Founder of Bear Pond Learning, a nonprofit in Bridgton, ME. This blog was inspired by the workshop Hilary presented at this year’s National College Transition Network Conference in Cambridge, MA from November 12-14, “Professor-Proofing our Teaching”. Professors are smart. They have to be. After all, they are the expert … Continue reading Teaching Expertise Worth Striving For

Insights and Innovations from the 2017 NCTN Conference

The overall theme of NCTN’s 11th annual Effective Transitions in Adult Education Conference was Connect and Engage.  The plenary session in particular was dedicated to that theme. John Sarrouf from Essential Partners shared insights and guided experiential exercises to create an inspiring learning experience.  During the current climate of disconnection, it was meaningful to have the time to sharpen our abilities to … Continue reading Insights and Innovations from the 2017 NCTN Conference

Building Community and Strengthening Health

The National College Transition Network at World Education, Inc. is committed to improving the quality and accessibility of health services career pathways for adults. As many of us know, a popular entry point onto this career pathway is the highly visible Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) position. The emerging Community Health Worker (CHW) profession is another … Continue reading Building Community and Strengthening Health

Addressing Growing Economic Inequality at NCTN 2016

Let’s continue the conversation about adult education and economic inequality at the National College conference policy panel on November 16 in Providence. Join us! Wednesday, November 16 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Grand Ballroom Education and training that lead to living-wage jobs is a broadly endorsed strategy for advancing economic opportunity for low-income people. As … Continue reading Addressing Growing Economic Inequality at NCTN 2016

Making Skills Everyone’s Business through Ideation and Innovation

By Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, Team Leader at the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

“How might we solve…?” Is the question that sparked nearly 100 educators in an early morning design session on the final day of the National College Transition Network’s annual conference. Continue Reading →

Financial Literacy Skills

Financial literacy skills enrich all facets of life. A recent study, With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them, found that over 60% of students cited financial and not academic reasons for dropping out of college. A strong foundation in financial literacy needs to be a hallmark of all educational programming. The importance in making financial literacy and planning integral in adult education programming is magnified with the increased emphasis on college and credential completion, if learners are to earn a family sustaining wage. Read more…