A WIOA Career Pathway Promise Fulfilled (sort of)

A January 2021 update to federal adult education performance accountability has opened up new ways to document learning in Integrated Education & Training and workplace education programs and new ways to show the impact of our work to our communities and other stakeholders. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Hard to believe, but the Workforce Innovation … Continue reading A WIOA Career Pathway Promise Fulfilled (sort of)

Education and Training Strategies that Serve All Workers

The federal Workforce Investment and Innovation Act (WIOA) has changed the landscape of adult education, focusing the field on workforce development outcomes and programming that supports the integration of education and training (IET) and career pathways. Programs are intensifying their focus on job preparation because adults need work-related math, communication, and technology skills for middle-skill … Continue reading Education and Training Strategies that Serve All Workers

Mathematizing ESOL

Math skills are a critical part of everyday life that contribute to academic and workforce success. For English language learners, the struggle to learn math can be complicated by language and cultural barriers. In addition, math classes are not always readily available as math is often not a part of ESOL programs. Recently, the Workforce … Continue reading Mathematizing ESOL

Adult Basic Skills Programs: A Crucial Tool in Fighting Poverty

By Stephen Reder, Portland State University

Literacy has long been a connector that helps hold us together as a society. General health and key markers of social cohesion such as trust in others, feelings of political empowerment, and willingness to volunteer are closely tied to adult literacy, as are more direct economic indicators such as employment and earnings. Continue Reading →