Three Cheers for the E-Learning PD Online Course Facilitators!

June is a good time to reflect on the school year that is coming to a close. As I look over course evaluations and prepare reports, one thing that strikes me each year is how fortunate we are to have such excellent facilitators for our online professional development courses. Course participants have commented over and over again how much they appreciated the thoughtful feedback and gentle nudges that our facilitators provide. In the words of one course participant: “Thank you to my instructor for helping me to grow as a teacher!” I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of them.

This year World Education E-Learning PD ran 32 facilitated online course sections with 15 dedicated facilitators. Many of our facilitators are World Education staff, and others work in adult education organizations across the country. One thing they all have in common is their commitment to helping teachers and program staff improve their practice. For full bios of all of our facilitators, visit :

This year’s facilitators and the courses they taught are:

I’d also like to thank Kaye Beall, who reads and responds to each and every submission for participants completing our free self-paced courses.

Read on for more comments from participants about their facilitators:

“Thank you for all your patience and guidance–you are an insightful course leader, especially dealing with both participants who are in career readiness programs and those of us who are trainers, and who may have other roles.”

“As our course instructor, you have guided us through the course with awareness and knowledge. Your comments and suggestions were prompt and encouraging which allows us to view other perspectives in variety topics, readings, and postings.”

“I’d like to thank our instructor for her insightful and prompt responses to our questions.”

“I appreciate the one-on-one contact and encouragement from my facilitator.”

“I would like to thank my instructor for the wonderful information in this class.  I hope to have her again as an instructor for other classes.”

 I’m looking forward to another year of online professional development courses and hope that you’ll join us too.

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Leah Peterson

Leah Peterson

Leah Peterson is the Assistant Director of the EdTech Center @ World Education. She manages the E-Learning Professional Development program, coordinates the IDEAL Consortium, and is the editor for the Tech Tips for Teachers blog. She also coordinates the communications efforts for World Education/U.S. Leah is working toward her M.Ed in E-Learning and Instructional Design at Northeastern University.